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2019 Nebraska State Fair 4-H Social Media Coverage

A strategy to increase reach and engagement on the Nebraska 4-H social media channels involved improving coverage of state 4-H events and leveraging key events that are of value and important to followers. With that, starting in 2019 an emphasis was place on covering the 4-H events at the Nebraska State Fair moving forward. 

A detailed content calendar plan was developed to ensure a steady cadence of content per platform and equal coverage of various contest, shows, and exhibitions. As a result:

  • 26 Facebook posts over 11 days reached 69,755 (115% increase from 2018) with 7,247 clicks (287% increase) and 2,716 reactions (204% increase).

  • 20 Instagram posts over 11 days saw reach of 8,802 (n/a) and 1,002 engagements (269% increase).

  • 11 Twitter posts over 11 days saw 9,631 impressions (96% increase) and 127 engagements (693%).

A special Snapchat filter was created for and published for the 2019 Nebraska State Fair, which included the 4-H and State Fair logos. The filter reached 298,950 individuals which is more than the 2019 State Fair reported attendance of 283,468 ( During the 11 days the filter was live, it was used a total of 10,337 times with a usage rate of 64.5%. Altogether, it was viewed 493,595 times. 

Snapchat filter metrics:

  • 64.5% Usage

  • 16,027 Swipes 

  • 10,337 Uses



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Social Media Content Calendar Plan




Snapchat Filter

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