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Click2Science Re-Engagement Campaign


Historically Click2Science placed significant emphasis on increasing the number of registered users. However, little to no attention was given to the recency of those users after they registered. Visitor recency is a valuable customer behavior metric which represents how long it has been since a visitor last came to a website. 


Website user data was analyzed to gauge the recency of existing registered users to find that of the over 9,000 registered users:

  • 78% had not accessed their account since the day the account was created

  • 22% are loyal, returning users



As a follow-up to the site relaunch, I initiated a re-engagement campaign. The campaign targeted users who had not accessed their account in the six months following the site relaunch. The campaign included an email inviting users to explore the new and revised resources, as well as the redesigned website.



A total of 5,433 dormant accounts were targeted for the re-engagement email campaign. Overall, the campaign resulted in a 15.5% open rate and a 1.7% click rate. The comparable industry average at the time was a 15.4% open rate and 1.8% open rate.


  • Project Coordinator

  • Visual Designer



  • Mailchimp


Click2Science email newsletter template
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