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iGROW Pollinators Educational Package

Through a grant from Corteva Agriscience and National 4-H Council, Hall and Adams County Extension programs were awarded $14,000 to educate youth about pollinators and their habitat. As part of that grant, a mobile iGrow educational display and youth activity worksheet were developed. The stretched fabric display measures 10 feet long by 7 feet tall, and features 21 pollinators hidden and scattered throughout the educational content. The accompanying activity worksheet features a variety activities and content to educate youth on the importance of native pollinators.

14 schools and over 4,000 youth received pollinator information throughout the pollinator educational display, teaching guide, and activities. The resources were also used for the community pollinator event held at the 2019 Nebraska State Fair which reached 380 individuals. In 2020, the display reached over 2,300 at 10 schools.

Youth comment: "They're really important because they (pollinators) help us, and if they help use we've got to help them."

Teacher comment: "It's amazing how much bees and pollinators do for us."

Extension colleague comment: "I'm so happy that I found out about your display! They are so awesome!" 

National 4-H Council representative stated: "Thanks for all the fantastic work you and your colleagues do through the Nebraska 4-H program creating high quality youth development opportunities for 4-H youth."

Core Team Members:

  • D'Ette Scholtz

  • Megan Knuth

  • Melinda Vlieger

  • Ron Seymour

  • Julie Ochsner

  • Danielle Dewees


My Role: ​​

  • Designer



  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe InDesign

Educational Display


Educational Display Process

Activity Worksheet

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