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iGROW Pork Educational Package

The iGROW series includes ag-related educational packages, each focused on a different agricultural product, such as corn and beef. In the third year of development, pork was selected as the focus agricultural product. An educational display and activity worksheet were developed to be used during in-school programming, community events, and field days. The round stretched fabric display measures 84.5 by 84.5 inches. The design features a life size hog and educational content presented in a fun, colorful way to grab and hold attention young audiences' attention. High-priority content is delivered both in English and Spanish. The educational content was peer-reviewed with input from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln Swine Specialist.



In 2020, the pork display reached over 2,300 at 10 schools. 100% of students learn more about pork, and 100% increased their understanding of how producers care for their animals. 

Student comment: "I loved the activity page - fun things to do!"

Extension colleague comment: "I'm so happy that I found out about your displays! They are so awesome!"

​Core Team Members:

  • D'Ette Scholtz

  • Megan Knuth

  • Melinda Vlieger

  • Danielle Dewees


My Role: ​​

  • Designer



  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe InDesign

Educational Display


Educational Display Process

Activity Worksheet

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