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National 4-H Week Social Media

Over 6 million young people, 500,000 volunteers, and 4-H professionals celebrate America's largest youth organization during National 4-H Week. Everyone including youth, parents, alumni, volunteers, and professionals are invited to join in on the nationwide celebration. 

A strategy to increase reach and engagement included improving coverage of state 4-H events and leverage key events that are of value and important to our followers. With that, an emphasis was place on covering National 4-H Week.

Each year, National 4-H Council selects a day to observe as 4-H Spirit Day. To provide more focus for the week-long celebration, themes were selected for the remaining weekdays by Nebraska 4-H. 

  • Monday: 4-H Volunteer Appreciation Day

  • Tuesday: 4-H Spirit Day (designated by National 4-H Council)

  • Wednesday: 4-H Professionals Appreciation Day

  • Thursday: 4-H Throwback

  • Friday: Give $4 for 4-H


11 Facebook posts reached 38,470 with 1,705 clicks and 1,413 reactions.

13 Instagram posts reached 5, 294 and engaged 540.

12 Twitter posts saw 17,711 impressions and 356 engagements.

Kameran Ulferts, Buffalo County 4-H Assistant, hosted an Instagram takeover during National 4-H Week. Her story was viewed by 245 individuals. 


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