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2021 Nebraska 4-H Month 

Every year, Nebraska 4-H Month sees thousands of young people, parents, volunteers, and alumni come together to celebrate the many positive youth development opportunities offered by 4-H. Nebraska 4-H Month is held during February each year. The timeframe was originally established as a recruitment period for local 4-H programs. Local celebrations typically include kick-off events providing youth and families with opportunities to explore the options available through 4-H. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, it was clear that the 2021 Nebraska 4-H Month celebration would look much different than it had in the past. More online celebrations, enrollment promotions, and virtual kick-off events would need to take place.


To consolidate efforts and address local marketing needs, a statewide planning team of Nebraska Extension 4-H faculty and staff was convened. The team's objective was to develop resources and materials for the 2021 Nebraska 4-H Month that would primarily be utilized by local/county 4-H programs.

The celebration would center around an early enrollment period in order to address two main challenges local 4-H programs were facing: 

  • A new statewide enrollment deadline of June 15 would be implemented in 2021. Previously, counties set their own enrollment deadlines. For some, the June 15th deadline was much earlier than they were used to and for others it was much later. Regardless, the new statewide deadline was requiring adjustments in enrollment promotions across the state.

  • Many families took an informal year off from 4-H in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. These families may have enjoyed a more relaxing summer and may be questioning their participation in 4-H moving forward.

4-H is dedicated to providing opportunities for belonging. Through positive relationships with caring adults and inclusive and safe environments, young people find a sense of belonging in 4-H. The theme for the 2021 Nebraska 4-H Month celebration, I Belong, was created to celebrate 4-H members and encourage others to explore the opportunities for belonging in 4-H. The theme was selected for its strong tie to the essential elements of positive youth development (Belonging, Independence, Mastery, and Generosity) and its connection and support for National 4-H Council's newest campaign, Opportunity4All. 

Key celebrations were identified for each Friday of the month to provide more focused recruitment opportunities and celebrations. Friday celebrations included a 4-H Professionals Appreciation Day, 4-H Volunteer Appreciation Day, 4-H Spirit Day, and 4-H Sponsor & Donor Appreciation Day.

"I Belong" yard signs were created and made available for county 4-H programs. Counties were free to develop their own tactics around the yard signs. A total of 2,346 signs were ordered by 30 county 4-H programs. 

A toolkit of promotional and digital marketing resources was made available for counties to use locally. Materials included BINGO cards, social media graphics and sample messaging, virtual backgrounds, and a press release template. 

  • Press Release template - 17 downloads, 38 previews

  • Email header - 5 downloads

  • Virtual backgrounds (10 total) - 124 downloads

  • Social Media sample messaging - 4 downloads, 17 previews

  • Facebook cover graphic - 2 downloads

  • Twitter cover graphic -1 download

  • Social Media graphics (19 total) - 166 downloads

  • BINGO card blank template - 6 downloads

  • BINGO card - 15 downloads


A new Facebook profile frame was created. The Nebraska 4-H - I Belong Facebook profile frame has been used by 193 individuals (updated 3/1/21). 

Statewide celebrations were focused on Facebook and Twitter:

  • Facebook: 17 posts reached 44,149 and engaged 3,055 with an engagement rate of 6.92%.

  • Twitter: 16 posts reached 12,469 and engaged 540 with an engagement rate of 4.33%.

  • Instagram: 4 posts reached 1,734 and engaged 234 with an engagement rate of 13.49%.

Additional evaluation and analysis are being conducted.

Planning Committee Members:

  • Danielle Dewees

  • Lindsay Shearer

  • Hannah Opfer

  • Beth Janning

  • Amber Bowers

  • Kam Ulferts

  • Melisa Konecky

  • Angela Abts

  • Jacie Milius

  • Tessa Reece

  • Laura Narjes


  • Planning committee coordinator/convener

  • Designer

    • Zoom backgrounds​

    • Social media graphics

    • Yard Sign

    • Facebook Profile Frame

  • Writer

    • Social media sample messaging​

    • Press release

  • State-level campaign implementation coordinator


  • Canva

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Hootsuite

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

Yard Signs


Facebook Profile Frame


Local/County Campaign Implementation

@Nebraska4H Campaign Implementation

News & Press

Public Participation/Engagement

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