Leadership Summit


Leadership Summit is a pilot program developed by the University of Nebraska–Lincoln Extension Increasing Nebraska Leaders issue team. The program is designed to build leadership skills in youth in grades 5th-6th through a hands-on field day experience. The goal is to inspire youth to step into leadership roles both now and in the future. The program aims to reach new audiences and is built around flexible content which can be used in a field day setting or delivered in a school enrichment or afterschool programs as a series of lessons.


Together with program developers, an identity was created around a visual concept based off of camping and hiking themes. A trail map was designed to be used as a visual guide of what youth will do and experience throughout the field day. Icons were created for each station. Icons were also created to represent the four personality types discussed during the program, including Trail Mix, Boots, Compass, and First Aid Kit.

Roles: ​​

  • Visual Designer


  • Adobe Illustrator

Leadership Summit map showing stations participants will progress through during the day. Each marker indicates a new station and activity. By the end of the day, participants will have reached their Leadership Summit after completing all the stations.

Personality icons help participants identify and assess their own strengths and abilities. Participants group together based on their personality traits and are identified by their personality icons. 

Materials and signage in use during a Leadership Summit facilitator training.