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Rural Recognition Banquet Timeline Banners


2018 marked the 50 year anniversary of the Rural Recognition Banquet in Platte County, Nebraska. As a special milestone, event coordinators wanted to celebrate the history of agriculture in Platte County. 



Together with event coordinators, 11 historical displays were conceptualized. Each display would represent a 5-year span and would include memorabilia, a special showcase of Rural Recognition Awardees, and a historical timeline of data. A local FFA Chapter assisted with gathering data for the timeline, including prices of agricultural products, Platte County population, and national historical events. I created 11 timeline banners to clearly present the data. The banners were designed to be hung side-by-side so that together they would create a single timeline. Data points were accompanied with icons to allow for quick recognition, and data remained in the same location across all banners to allow for easy comparisons between years. Banners needed to be readable from a distance, easily comparable, and visually eye-catching.


Roles: ​​

  • Visual Designer


  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Adobe Photoshop

Rural Recognition Banquet 1978 Banner
Rural Recognition Banquet 1983 Banner
Rural Recognition Banquet 1993 Banner
Rural Recognition Banquet 1998 Banner
Rural Recognition Banquet 2017 Banner

Five of the eleven total timeline banners created for the 50th anniversary of the of Platte County Rural Recognition Banquet.

Timeline banner signage in use during the Rural Recognition Banquet. 

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